I had been unemployed for a year and a half. Didn’t know what I wanted to do and prayed a lot. I finally found a job that I wanted and started working there recently. Thank God.

(I started a new job recently)
I slowly started to notice some things wrong. I noticed that they did some Grey area business practices that I did not agree with. I’ve never been the most outspoken person but God guided me through challenging the owners and managers on these ethical issues. I was ready to walk away from the job but the most unlikely thing happened and the company partnered with me in adding policies to fix the issues I had.

This is only the beginning. Of course I will continue to be watchful and evaluate the direction the company is going are but the important thing is that learned to be even more trusting with God and to do things his way. If it was up to me, I would have done the easy thing and just slinked away from the job without giving a reason. But God challenged me to speak openly and basically held my hand through it all. The only thing I had to do was say yes to God and show up. There’s a lot I can say about this but that’s the short story of something I’m thankful to God for this week.